Tajni dnevnik Adrijana Mola (13 i 3/4 god.) (Adrijan Mol, #1) Sue Townsend

ISBN: 9788674360712

Published: 2003


241 pages


Tajni dnevnik Adrijana Mola (13 i 3/4 god.) (Adrijan Mol, #1)  by  Sue Townsend

Tajni dnevnik Adrijana Mola (13 i 3/4 god.) (Adrijan Mol, #1) by Sue Townsend
2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 241 pages | ISBN: 9788674360712 | 4.73 Mb

April 25I start reading a book called Diary of a Nobody. It is boring and not much happens, also Mr. Pooter is pretty dim. I dont get it. Why would anyone want to write a book about a nobody who takes himself far too seriously?I decide that I will write a book about myself that will be quite different, it will be full of important things I do and extremely interesting. Perhaps I will call it Diary of a Somebody. But then people wont know which somebody it is, since everyone is somebody.

I decide that a better title will be Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and 3/4. I am just about to start writing some important things when my mother reminds me that I said I would tidy up my room. I will write about them when I have finished tidying.April 26I have received letters from two people I dont know, called MJ Nicholls and Knig-o-lass.

They both want to be in my diary. This is a bit strange, since my diary is secret, but I write back to say I will put them in if they do some silly things with yoga, teddy bears and toffee apples. I think this is very original, and shows I am a Somebody.April 27I have received another letter from MJ.

He says he wants his own days in my diary, so I will not mention anyone else today. I had not understood that keeping a diary was so complicated.April 28I am trying to imagine what Miss Knig-o-lass looks like. I see her as a beautiful, treacle-haired temptress, like Pandora at school. I am hoping that she will also send me a request.Miss Knig-o-lass does not seem as demanding as MJ.

Perhaps this is because she is a nicer person, or perhaps it is just because she hasnt noticed me. Its often hard to tell with girls.April 29Miss Knig-o-lass has also sent me a request! I dont really understand it, but there is a card with a stretched-out picture of a lady and something about how chocolate cant get you pregnant.

I must make sure that Pandora does not find out about my friendship with this sophisticated older woman.April 30MJ has sent me another message! He says he might be jealous. I think he must be Miss Knig-o-lasss regular boyfriend. He used a Latin word I didnt know, I wish I had been paying more attention in biology yesterday when we were doing Human Reproduction.Since I started keeping this diary my life has become more and more interesting. I am definitely a Somebody.

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