Strange Fate (Night World, #10) L.J. Smith



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Strange Fate (Night World, #10)  by  L.J. Smith

Strange Fate (Night World, #10) by L.J. Smith
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 528 pages | ISBN: | 7.66 Mb

I just read that L.J. Smith is currently working on more books for the Secret Circle and Forbidden game series. Is she kidding? Come on! She keeps making excuses about how she has to take her time in order to write Strange Fate well. Maybe if she stopped writing books for the other series... she would have finished Strange Fate by now! I am actually very irritated with her. I understood when I read about her family issues, which was why she took such a long break from writing. I even understood why she was waiting for her books to be re-published. However, THIS IS RIDICULOUS! At this point, I dont think she will ever publish this book.

Ive been waiting for it for over a decade and I think that is more than enough time to write several amazing books, let along one! I dont even know if I will bother reading this when it finally does come out. (sigh)-Sorry, Im just sick of waiting for this book. lol

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