Changed into Little Girls Amy Estes


Published: June 11th 2015

Kindle Edition

27 pages


Changed into Little Girls  by  Amy Estes

Changed into Little Girls by Amy Estes
June 11th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 27 pages | ISBN: | 5.57 Mb

Sometimes grown women dont know how to do it right. Maybe they cheat in school. Maybe they decide that its better to seduce the boss to get ahead at work. In any case, they just dont have what it takes to be reasonable, responsible adults. Thats why they need to be changed into little girls.In this anthology, Jessica is a bratty neighbor who thinks she can control everyone else. But when she is transformed into a teenager, shell learn how to give up control. Elizabeth is a jealous girlfriend who doesnt know how to share with others.

Thats why her husband morphs her into Lizzie, a sweet little fifth grader. Lauren is angry at her husband all the time. Becoming a kindergartner will definitely help her disposition, especially when every infraction will mean time in a corner or spanking. Last, there is Tiffany, the girl who gets one promotion after another by sleeping with the CEO.

David is sick of her unprofessionalism, so he uses a special potion on her. When she wakes up, shes in a playpen, diapered and helpless. She doesnt know it yet, but shes about to get a new mommy and daddy.This book is a collection of short transformation stories with themes of age play, physical regression, humiliation, diapering, and spanking.

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