Ends Shadow Caste (Volume One) Meghann Doyle


Published: June 1st 2013


84 pages


Ends Shadow Caste (Volume One)  by  Meghann Doyle

Ends Shadow Caste (Volume One) by Meghann Doyle
June 1st 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 84 pages | ISBN: | 8.57 Mb

The apocalypse has come and gone. As mankind prepares to repeat history, one woman is given the choice to take things in a new direction.Detailed Description:Western North America has seen some drastic changes over the centuries. Explorers and settlers changed the course for timeless indigenous communities. Gold-rushes gave way to skyscrapers. International trade brought the world to these shores.Such fast growth breeds instability. Soon, the world crumbles under its own weight.

Violent wars rage successively for 150 years. Centuries pass as the earth heals from the final devastation of WWVII. Several generations after the fall of society, mankind rises again.  A curse has risen with it. The pain of past generations coils itself into a vengeful supernatural force.

The Scead threaten to swallow everything.One womans introverted world splinters when the people that died in the apocalypse begin to demand her attention. Mena has an opportunity to keep a history she doesnt understand from repeating itself.  She is at the heart of the breach.  She is the cusp of a revolution, though shes not certain she wants to give what its going to take.This book is intended for a mature audience.

It contains graphic violence and nudity.Double spread pages. Full colour.For behind-the-scenes content and information about upcoming volumes see www.endsshadowcaste.wordpress.com

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